Neem Karoli Baba Ashram
Taos, New Mexico

Soul Freedom, David Newman

Soul Freedom, David Newman

Soul Freedom is David's spiritual vision brought to life through music. David's unique synthesis of contemporary folk music, Indian chanting, ageless spiritual truth and the expression of love in all its diversity makes Soul Freedom equally appealing to both spiritual seekers and lovers of good music.



1. Bring It Up 4:12

2. All That We Are 4:56

3. No Difference 4:25

4. All Of God's Love 6:45

5. Miracle of Love 4:04

6. Shine On 6:05

7. Soul Freedom 4:40

8. Mystery to You 5:27

9. Only Me 3:49

10. One God 7:22

Released: 2003
Produced by: Kit Thomas and Ben Dowling
Inner Fire Music