Neem Karoli Baba Ashram
Taos, New Mexico

Breath of Rama

Breath of Rama

Chant in the spirit of Hanuman with Geoffrey Gordon. 


“This music has a sublime and passionate devotional quality with beautiful call & response chanting combined with masterful musicianship. Take a magical journey through blissful sound-scapes of East & West…perfect for singing, dancing, yoga, meditation and listening enjoyment. Pictured on the front is Hanuman, who is the Breath of Rama and who invokes the blessings of constant love, friendship and service to all beings.”

Track List:

1. Hari Bol  10:59

2. Breath of Rama  7:47

3. Bolo Radhe  6:25

4. Mother and Child  5:21 

5. Still Monkey  5:50

6. Dance of Light  4:23

7. Take Refuge  3:21

8. Jaya Sita Ram  6:48